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Our Story

They say you never get a second chance to make a first impression.
It’s not about the what and how, it’s always about the why!

It all started with a mid-life crisis, at about 39 years old.
I was working as one of the lead designers in a high-tech company, earning a decent salary. I had a comfortable, seemingly happy life. But for some reason, I was not satisfied. Something deep inside was missing.
I couldn't put a finger on what it was, and within a month, my mood started to deteriorate very quickly. I had no desire to see others, and could not get out of bed for over six months.

I decided to see a therapist, and after a few examinations, I was diagnosed with major depression. I was treated with every possible medication, but my mood did not improve. I was still down in the dumps. I started losing hope.
But one day, one of my therapists surprised me with a unique suggestion. “How about you take a one hour break every day, to paint? It will soothe your mind.”

Oh man! I will never forget that day!

Enthusiastic as a child, I rushed to a local craft store, and bought all the materials needed to start my first artwork.   I went home, excited to start my new project, and set up my art station by a window. There was a lovely rose bush outside my home, and so I decided to paint it on my canvass. I found myself in a complete state of flow, lost in peace for hours.
Words cannot describe the transformation in that moment! Peace and joy filled within me, and little by little I started to feel alive again. My cheeks turned rosy, my face radiated with hope.

It was then that I realized this is what I always wanted to do. The artist within me emerged.

The next day, I met with my therapist to express my deepest gratitude. I told her about the change. “.She stared at me and said “You know, an artist lies within each and every one of us. Many of us push creativity aside, and the artist never gets expressed”. 

In that moment, I told to myself: "Lets create the best Paint By Number kit on the market to let every person the opportunity to unveil their inner artist."

And so I did!!!

I am excited to present to you PaintyLand’s DIY Paint By Number Kit, the most exclusive highest-quality kit ever made. It was designed to allow everyone, adult to child, to take some time for themselves, tune in with joy and play, and be an artist for a day.